I think that the most important thing a woman can have – next to talent, of course – is her hairdresser.

-Joan Crawford


I think I will start every post off with a quote.

My name is Joann. I DO hair.  I left the exciting word of hotels and moved into the exciting and terrifying world of hair… ITS SOO SCARY….

Example: Lets say you should me a super sexy photo of …….a really pretty model that you found on pinterest.  The Girls Hair and Make up are on point.  The photo is cropped beautifully.. the lighting is exceptional.  Her hair is billowing around her like full glowing lusciousness. #hairgoals .  However you have very thin hair.. its very straight and you dont want to spend much time on it in the mornings.  You want a wash and go style.    Sadly I HAVE TO BE THE BAD GUY.. and tell you..” This style is really great but something exactly like this will take a lot of styling time in the mornings.”as your dreams of lusciousness are about to be crushed I SAY ” lets focus on the things you like about the photo, I see lots of layers and a swoopy side bang.  Are you looking to do that with your hair….?”

FUCK I saved the day on that one.. But none the less you can really upset someone who wants a particular look and you got to be the one to suggest something a little different.


I am a bit foggy on most dates..  but i started beauty school march 7, 2011.. Oddly enough I remember the date, because i was soo afraid.  I wanted to make a difference in my life and my current job as a supervisor at a hotel was not going well.  The front desk took more phone calls from collection agencies trying to collect debts from the management company than actual reservations.. They had pay cut us and had the entire hotel on a “Raise Freeze” since i started in 2007..  We failed our brand inspection for back of house quality & safety.  It was all in all a very tough environment to thrive in.

I liked doing my nails.  That inspired me to go to beauty school.  I wanted to do other people’s nails and make them look as gorgeous as I made mine. I felt good when my nails looked on point.. I wanted to do that for other people… Sadly out of 1250 hours required to apply for my license maybe 8 were dedicated to learning nails.. Rest was learning hair.

While in beauty school my job was terminated at the hotel.  While i was angry at first… IT REALLY pushed me to do well in beauty school.  I didn’t have many returning clients.. BUT i watched lots of videos attended a few beauty shows and really dedicated myself to learning as much as i could before i left.  When i finished in went into beauty sales and sold products to other hair professionals.  I loved doing that but i really wanted more out of my self.  SO I applied to supercuts.  Fun Facts about Supercuts:  You must go through HSA (Hair Stylist’s Academy) before you can start styling hair on the salon floor.  It is a 5 day hair boot camp where you learn advanced cutting techniques… You learn to be consistent.. and more efficient with your hair cuts.  Supercuts is one of the BEST learning environments I was ever in. I loved it so much.  I was really nervous.. and scared and terrified.. But It was AWESOME.

In April 2016 I hit my 1 year anniversary at supercuts.  I  found a career that i can flourish in.  Im still learning new things.. and still learning to perfect my techniques.. But I have couple of loyal guests that come to me every 8weeks for either cut /  color.. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!




 5 Things that SUCK about doing hair

  1.  Hairsplinters.
  2. Cutting myself with my shears.
  3. Constant Wrist Pain
  4. Gum stuck in someone’s hair
  5. Upset Kid’s who don’t want their hair cut.. but mom does.


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