So I tried Pokemon Go!

SO I tried Pokemon Go!


“A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the heart that beats inside remains the same.”

— Brock – Pokemon – Bye Bye Butterfree
Pokemon Season 1 Episode 21–1998


I know ZERO about Pokemon.  I am 34 years old and i was born in 1981..  I would have been 15ish when it came out.  I didn’t grow up with video games.. We had an Atari that was soo old we had to restart it like 1000 times to get any of the games to work.. I was a PRO at Barnstorming, River Raid & Space Invaders..  Anything Nintendo was completely out of my league.. I played duck hunt a few my Aunt’s house or i jealously watched my friends play their awesome games when i stayed over night.. I didn’t have a game boy either.  All of which i wanted and anxiously added to my xmas list year after year.. But never received.. Thou my family did the secret santa thing where we exchanged names and someone gave me two gameboy games.  i didn’t tell them that i didn’t own one.. i just gave them to my friends.—In fact I didn’t really start playing video games until i got married in 2001.


Then i jumped in.  This isn’t really about that.. BUT I became obsessed with Kingdom Hearts & Spiro… (husband is into Playstation).. And played the HELL out of World of Warcraft  from 2005-2016 (no longer a current subscriber)– I raided with the big boys and even ran a few guilds.. so im like I CAN PLAY A PHONE APP



This warning is pretty important.  Thou i thought it was kind of dumb.. but i liked the graphics so I screen shotted it to show people how dumb this is.  How could people be soo stupid that they would need this type of warning?!?!?!?!

2016-07-12 04.27.03.png

I got this guy first.. with the help of some wizard guy in the beginning.  Worked out easy peasy.

Next day i took a walk with my husband to target.. hoping I’d find some more pokemon on the way.. Its a short walk and i managed so trip over the side walk and walk right into a shopping cart.  My husband was so annoyed.. and thou there were like 3 near by pokemon.. I had to stop and turned my phone off to continue shopping.  😦


THEN i got to work the next DAY and my co worker was like YES POKEMON GO IS AWESOME!… and im like HELL YEAH.. i turned my app on and BOOM

2016-07-12 04.26.48.pngPidgey! He was sitting RIGHT on my boss’s DESK i was like move there. I now have 2 pokemon.. while my co worker has caught over 50.. so im not that awesome.. but i am like 14 years older than her.. .. my learning curve is MUCH Steeper…

Now I cant sleep .. and im like I wonder if i have any pokemon in my house!! I turn my app on and it shows some near by with no little marking.. OMG its near me.. I get out of bed.. and start following my game avatar.  At first i tripped over the fan at the foot of the bed.  To be fair it was really dark.. Then my app went dark.. and my phone restarted.. JUST in time for me to walk down the steps.. so maybe that was a good thing.. Then I restarted the app and continued walking.. First thing.. in the living room.. we have very little lighting.. maybe that is why i tripped over my carry on bag… then i tripped over the ottamon..This made me tap my husband’s desk.. (which is a tray table… which then knocked off a snapple diet peach tea bottle.. It fell into a bowl that was on the floor and shattered.


I m like w/e and continue into the kitchen..

Where i was tracking my pokemon.. as i was walking there i tripped over my trash can.. knocking everything all over the floor and dropping my phone.. As i picked it up my phone i hear slight ringing.. my phone decided to call my friend in New York… at 12:48 am 😦  I hung up on them after i heard a very sleepy hello… and continued my quest for my Pokemon.  Finally i reached the back door and my phone switches from the Map TO CAMERA MODE and there is my pokemon! i threw my ball at it ( it is a ball right) it captured it and BAM!

2016-07-12 04.26.36.png

How cool is he! he lives anywhere… HE is very cautious and hes purple.. so there’s that So now i am level 2.  I have no idea where i am going next in pokemon go.. i heard a thing about a gym? or something.. or like pokestops?  I’m still mega new.. But so far its kind of fun.. I wonder what new Pokemon ill find hiding in my house or work.. or the gas station.. or target.. or my moms house.. ooo apparently hershey park is a pretty great place to find pokemon.. 2016-07-12 05.27.35.png

So in conclusion.. Please pay attention to where you are going when looking at your phone.  i had a pretty stupid mess to clean up because im a dope and was soo focused on catching them all…..

My 5 Most Recent Pandora Stations:

  1. Sia Radio
  2. Florence + The Machine Radio
  3. Imagine Dragons Radio
  4. Missy Elliott Radio
  5. Summer Hits of 2000s Radio




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